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About Us

This success story began way back during early 2004 when the criminal climate in and around the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg began to spike rapidly, especially with serious & violent crime.

A dedicated team of ex South African Police members, professional security experts and businessmen formed an alliance to pro-actively address and combat the rising crime and criminal activities that were being experienced.

CSS Tactical entered the Armed Response market with a broader vision than just responding to incidents but rather embarking upon a pro-active approach to preventing crime and reducing response times drastically.

Known as The Pioneers of the Pro-Active approach, CSS Tactical deployed sufficient resources to dedicated areas that were manageable in order to maintain a stronghold on violent crime. Due to the nature of crime being experienced all CSS Tactical vehicles were manned by two Armed Response Officers around the clock.

Labelled the "New Player," CSS Tactical soon became a market leader in the prevention, detection and response to crime in Northern Johannesburg. A serious, no nonsense approach enabled CSS Tactical to grow into a recognised brand and a household name to many.

March 2017 saw the acquisition of CSS Tactical by Beagle Watch Armed Response, another major player in the dedicated and pro-active crime combatting industry. The synergy of the two market leaders has given rise to an Armed Response model that is unrivalled in the Security Industry to date.

The vast experience and understanding of the Armed Response business by Beagle Watch management, combined with the sound security infrastructure of CSS Tactical has created the superior solutions model on offer today.

CSS Tactical and Beagle Watch are both enjoying rapid growth while raking in some fantastic success stories when it comes to bringing criminals to book.