CSS Tactical Services

Response Time

Our average response time is under 3 minutes! No matter what the emergency, CSS Tactical will be there first!

A Dedicated Team

Proactive security is our focus - we are the only company dedicated to the prevention of crime in your area through continuous, 24 hour, high visibility patrols.

Back Up

Back up is always available from armed response vehicles in the immediate vicinity.

No Fixed Contract

Our contract is month to month. We believe if our service isn't good enough, we don't deserve to be your security company. That's why we don't tie you down to a long term contract.

Control Room

CSS Tactical is locally based; our state of the art control room is situated in Smit Street in Fairland.

Activity Updates

We provide you with regular updates of criminal activity and look-outs via sms and email.

Latest Technology

CSS Tactical offers the latest in security technology.

Technical Service

The CSS Tactical team provides prompt 24 hour technical assistance.


This facility is manned 24-hours a day by qualified personnel ready to provide assistance at any time of the day or night.

Consistently looking over you

In addition to the 24-hour control room, each vehicle is fitted with a system enabling your radio signals to be received by the vehicle directly and in so doing, reduce response times.

Holiday service

Included in our comprehensive portfolio CSS Tactical will perform extra patrols in the vicinity of your premises whilst your home is unoccupied at no additional charge.

Escort service

Should you require an escort into your premises at any time, call the control room 15 minutes prior to your arrival and we will meet you there to ensure your safe entry. Please note that priority signals will take preference. Any escorts in excess of 5 per month will be charged for.

Tactical Response

Security is made up of numerous layers. These include armed response, dedicated gate or street guards and protection of Public Space Areas.

Armed Response

CSS Tactical Armed Response is the most feared and effective armed response company in South Africa. Over the last six months the average response time to a call out has been 4 minutes, 13 seconds in response to 126 679 signals. This is the quickest response time of any security-related response service in South Africa.

CSS Tactical Officers are trustworthy, passionate and experienced. Many of our area managers come from an ex-military or ex-police background, and are subject to rigorous security checks and undergo regular polygraph tests. Training includes the use of firearms, unarmed combat, driving skills and public relations and is done when needed. All our guards are continuously evaluated by managers and supervisors. We believe our officers are well equipped with all the skills necessary to cope with all eventualities.

All CSS Tactical clients with armed response receive the following services:
24/7/365 alarm monitoring and armed response
24/7/365 private medical response
unlimited meet and greet service when returning hom


Public Space Policing has proven to be effective in reducing the number of contact crimes experienced in residential suburbs. To meet these increasing challenges in the public security area, responsible institutions and organisations can tap into their own intelligence to successfully address possible security threats in advance. They optimise their internal structures, use synergies, and carefully balance costs and benefits of their measures. However, these institutions cannot act alone, as they need the full support of the public (community) to enforce these changes in public spaces. Without public support, threats cannot be combated entirely. The buy-in and support of residents' associations is key to the effectiveness of this model.

This model not only benefits all members of a community but also encourages community living. It promotes safety outside private properties; being safe on the pavement, jogging in the streets, teaching the kids to ride their bicycles and walking the dogs in the park.

The key objectives of Public Space Security are to:

identify suspicious and criminal activity within the suburb
prevent criminals from getting to their target (your house or driveway)
apprehend criminals, and have them arrested by the SAPS
drive criminal activity out of your suburb


CSS Tactical Guards are trustworthy, passionate guards. All our guards are subject to rigorous security checks and undergo regular polygraph tests. Compulsory weekly training includes the use of firearms, unarmed combat, driving skills and public relations. We believe our guards are well equipped with all the skills necessary to cope with all eventualities.

CSS Tactical has experience in the secure guarding of suburbs, estates, residential and industrial complexes, and shopping centers. All the CSS Tactical guards are recruited and trained with site-specific training in mind; this includes access control, patrolling, and residential logistic procedures.

Guards are equipped with two-way radios and are in constant communication with the tactical vehicles and on-duty guarding supervisor.

The CCTV is monitored at an off-site location in real time using i-Sentry technology. There controllers can watch the cameras, proactively assess threats and notify the relevant ground response team who would in turn manage any potential threat appropriately.

This control room also provides a safe and secure environment in which the footage is recorded and stored.

Without this remote monitoring CCTV cameras are a reactive management security tool. Our aim at CSS Tactical is to prevent incidents from occurring before they occur rather than assessing the footage afterwards.


iSentry is an automated video analysis system.
It uses Artificial Intelligence to learn the normal behavioral patterns of objects observed by a video camera. When an object displays activity that does not fit the model of normal behavior, the system highlights it as unusual and performs a number of automated responses. ISentry transforms a security environment from passive to active.

With its unique computer vision, developed for autonomous robots, iSentry can monitor every moving object in a camera's view. It measures the size, shape, speed and direction of motion of every object it sees. From this it builds a model of behavior, which it considers normal. When an object behaves in a way that does not fit the normal model, iSentry identifies it as unusual.

The iSentry processing occurs in real time and within 10 seconds of detecting unusual behavior we are able to dispatch a CSS Tactical vehicle. With industry leading average vehicle response times of less than three minutes, the criminals are hardly able to get started before we arrive on the scene.

iSentry has the power to do three things other systems cannot:

Detect unusual activity (Ultra-smart surveillance)
iSentry can filter out over 95% of normal motion video and only present unusual activity to operators. It provides excellent & unrivalled situational awareness and the ability to achieve an effective, immediate response.

Multiple Camera Analysis and Management (MCAM)
iSentry handles large numbers of cameras by scheduling interesting video, allowing the operator to shift priorities to other tasks without missing critical incidents.

Reliable outdoor left-object detection
iSentry can reliably detect small objects left in busy OUTDOOR areas. iSentry can cope with almost all weather conditions, rain hail or shine.